Recent Changes to Noise Legislation in Ontario

The Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change recently updated several pieces of legislation relating to the approval of stationary noise sources in the Province of Ontario. The changes will have a significant impact on the regulatory framework for noise (and vibration) emitters, and will also have a notable impact on the way municipalities assess noise (and vibration) sources within the land use approvals system. Valcoustics Canada Ltd. is pleased to present a half-day seminar to assist municipal employees in understanding these legislative changes and the impact they have on the planning approvals process in Ontario.

Environmental Noise Guideline NPC-300

The Ministry of the Environment recently released the final version of NPC-300, “Environmental Noise Guideline – Stationary and Transportation Sources, Approval and Planning”. This seminar will provide information for Municipal Planners with respect to changes and updates resulting from the new guideline.