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Building Noise and Vibration

Building Noise and Vibration
Expertise plus Experience = Sound Design Solutions

We provide sound and vibration design services for both new and retrofit construction projects as well as for remediation of problems within existing facilities. Whether there are specific performance criteria that need to be achieved or we develop design objectives based on an understanding of the desired results, our flexible approach ensures that aesthetics and functionality of your facility will not suffer as a result of the sound and vibration requirements. Our goal is to add value to every project.

Not only are we involved with the design process, our scope of services can extend from conceptual design right up to final commissioning testing to verify that all of the sound and vibration objectives have been achieved. Valcoustics has a broad range of state of the art instrumentation that allows us to complete the full gamut of sound and vibration field testing that may be required to verify performance. Anyone can perform tests and obtain results. However, it takes the expertise that Valcoustics staff has to properly interpret the results and to identify solutions to any issues that may arise.

As sound and vibration control is interdisciplinary, our input is provided not only to Architects, but also to the Electrical, Mechanical and Structural Engineers and even to Interior Designers. Thus, getting Valcoustics involved early in the design stages is key to properly coordinating the sound and vibration elements with the overall design of any facility be it residential, commercial, institutional or even industrial. With a history extending more than fifty years, there are not too many sound and vibration problems that we have not already solved.

Valcoustics helps make our the world where we live, work and play a quieter and more enjoyable place by providing cost effective solutions to noise and vibration challenges.

Some of the Building Noise and Vibration services we offer are:

  • Tarion Bulletin 19R Acoustical Design Services, Construction Review and Proof of Performance Testing
  • Acoustical privacy
  • Noise and Vibration control of mechanical and electrical equipment
  • Noise and Vibration complaint investigation and remediation
  • Proof of performance testing (NC/PNC/RC, ASTC, NIC, STI, RT60, etc.)
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