Acoustic Considerations in Theaters and Studios

Storytelling was one of the first forms of entertainment for early mankind. Telling stories from one generation to the next was simply part of daily life. While it was seen as passing down knowledge at that time, it slowly great into entertainment. The Greeks and Romans built huge amphitheaters for that very reason. While these great spaces are thousands of years old, they still hold onto their acoustic properties. They were designed before the assistance of state-of-the-art speaker and microphone systems and yet, each word can be heard clearly from any point in the audience. How is this possible? Well, believe it or not, even the Greeks and Romans knew and understood the immense benefits of studio acoustic design.

Making a Successful Theater Space

Theater acoustics are vital to ensuring for memorable experiences. Theater acoustic consulting helps to create spaces that provide a backdrop to captivating performances in cinemas and theaters alike.

The draw of live performances is the communication between actors and audience. This can be enhanced by the shape of the room and construction materials. It impacts this type of communication by allowing the audience to hear and discern the performer’s voices and the instrumentation of the associated musical group. Skilled sound engineers can make changes to the angles of the room, ceiling, and floors as well as wall placement to ensure the sound is of the highest quality.

Design Implications

It is important to understand what the building, structure, and room will be used for during the design face. If the space will be used to show films and life performances then it is important to employ theater acoustic consulting firms. It would be a great benefit if they were also involved in acoustic design of cinemas. This would be ideal to the creation of a successful entertainment space.

These implications can also impact not only those enjoying the performance but those outside the theater as well. Acoustical considerations incorporate so much more than just the acoustics of the performance space. Just as the theater space does not want any outside noises intruding upon the performance or impacting the acoustics of those performing, those outside the theater don’t want to be bombarded by the noise of the performances either. These are important considerations when thinking about how to best design a theater or studio space.

Theater Audiovisual Design

While noise might be a part of life, it doesn’t need to be in every part. Certainly, we hear traffic noise, construction noise, and air traffic noise all the time, but do we want to hear those when we’re in a theater? Of course not.

While most people, when asked, would think of insulated the theater area from external noise sources, most would not think of noises inside the theater. These sounds can come from the following:

  • Heating Systems
  • Lobby Area
  • Parking Lot
  • Ventilation Systems
  • HVAC Systems
  • Elevator Lift Systems

There is nothing worse than at a poignant point in a movie or play an HVAC system kicks on and disturbs the moment. It takes the audience out of the performance and can distract the performers. Noise control consultants can not only isolate theaters and cinemas from unwanted external noises, they can also shield them from internal ones as well. Providing insulating sound absorption materials to wrap HVAC ductwork in can help. So can sound absorption blankets which can be wrapped around the HVAC units themselves. Ensuring ductwork is properly secured can also cut down on the amount of vibration throughout the system which also cuts down the amount of audible noise.

Sound Reduction Integration

There is nothing worse than investing in a property as a concert venue or movie theater only to find out the acoustics are terrible. While apply sound reduction techniques after a structure has built can present unique issues to noise consultants, it is not an impossible feat.

With Valcoustics studio acoustic design techniques, we can seamlessly integrate our noise reduction products into any space. These products and our techniques can not only improve the sound quality of the space but also the overall aesthetic too.

It is important these steps are taken to ensure that backstage noise from dressing rooms and technical areas doesn’t crossover into the performance noise. The sound of the performance should be limited to those performers who are onstage. With Valcoustics, we can ensure the sound the audience hears is the sound they are supposed to be hearing.

Final Thoughts

While intrusive noise is a part of our daily lives, it should not be part of our cinematic or theatrical experience. Typically, we grow accustomed to the sounds of the street below an open apartment window, but it shouldn’t intrude everywhere. Providing design and consulting services, Valcoustics can ensure your space sounds the way it should sound. With state-of-the-art techniques and an impressive array of various sound reducing products, we can address any unwanted sound and improve the auditory level of any space.

If you are in need of an acoustic consultant Toronto, we are the leading noise experts in all of Canada. Reach out today to Valcoustics for a noise assessment. We are your noise specialists. Whether you are need of a new sound system installed or unwanted noise eliminated, Valcoustics should be your first call. Reach out to us today and find out how we can meet all of your audio needs.