Construction Noise & Vibration Monitoring

Ground-borne vibration can be produced by a great variety of common construction activities including (among others) caisson drilling, pile driving, and soil compaction. Such vibration produced at a construction site has the potential, in the worst case, to damage buildings or structures outside the limits of the construction site or to create annoyance or nuisance in nearby buildings.
In 2008, the City of Toronto enacted the “Construction Vibration By-Law (514-2008)”. Since then, Valcoustics has been among the top vibration monitoring companies and has worked on countless construction projects offering construction vibration monitoring services, helping clients navigate the application process and quickly and efficiently meet the requirements of this new legislation.
Typical projects of this nature include the following:

Zone of Influence (ZOI) Study to determine the area around a construction site that could be impacted by vibration related to construction activity;
Pre-construction Study including ambient vibration measurements and vibration monitoring program (based on the predicted ZOI); and
Vibration Monitoring as required.

Valcoustics as vibration consultants has also completed many construction vibration projects beyond the boundaries of the City of Toronto for clients who are concerned for the well-being of neighbouring structures and are keen to mitigate risk.

Recent Projects

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  • Keechi Wind Farm, Jacksboro;
  • St. Columban Wind Project, Huron County;
  • Plateau Wind Farm,Melancthon;
  • Marsh Line Wind Farm, East Dover,
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