Construction Noise and Vibration Monitoring Services

Over the last number of years, Valcoustics has made a substantial investment in new software development and equipment to assist our clients when long-term construction noise and vibration monitoring services are required. Advancements in technology have allowed us to increase accuracy, lead times and service levels. Our proprietary software is set up to handle and process large amounts of data for long term continuous noise and vibration monitoring. Investments to improve efficiencies and speed of delivery are always on-going.

Ground-borne vibration can be produced by a great variety of common construction (and demolition) activities including (among others) caisson drilling, pile driving, and soil compaction. Vibration produced at a construction site has the potential, in the worst case, to damage adjacent buildings or structures.

In 2008, the City of Toronto enacted the “Construction Vibration By-Law (514-2008)”. Since then, Valcoustics has been providing construction vibration monitoring services and has worked on countless construction projects offering structural vibration monitoring, construction vibration monitoring services, helping clients navigate the application process and quickly and efficiently comply with this legislation.

    Noise and vibration monitoring Projects of this nature can include :
  • Zone of Influence (ZOI) Study, to determine the area around a construction site that could be impacted by noise vibration related to the construction activity
  • Pre-construction Study, including ambient vibration measurements and a noise and vibration monitoring program
  • Construction Noise Monitoring
  • Ground Vibration Monitoring
  • Structural Vibration Monitoring
  • Custom Noise and Vibration Monitoring Solutions
  • Providing Real Time Results

Valcoustics is engaged in a number of long-term construction vibration monitoring projects. One notable project was the construction of the City of Toronto Union Pearson Airport Express (UP Express) Train. Retained by Metrolinx, an agency of the Government of Ontario, to monitor noise and vibration levels for construction of the UP Express. The rail link, now in operation, runs from Union Station downtown to Pearson International Airport. Monitoring occurred 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for approximately five and half years, ending spring 2016. At the project peak, over 90 unattended monitors were deployed. In 2015, Valcoustics and Metrolinx were recognized with a CiPA (The Community iPerformance Awards) award for Infrastructure Innovation for our Community Noise and Vibration Monitoring System.

Valcoustics has also completed many construction noise and vibration monitoring projects beyond the boundaries of the City of Toronto for clients who are concerned for the well-being of neighbouring structures or self-impacts and are keen to mitigate risk.

Notable current/completed construction vibration and noise monitoring projects involving long-term deployments of monitors include:

  • Eglinton Crosstown LRT, Toronto (various sites);
  • Cherry Street Stormwater & Lakefilling Project, Toronto
  • Mount Sinai Hospital Phase 3 Renovation, Toronto;
  • Penticton Regional Hospital Patient Care Tower Project, British Columbia;
  • Royal Inland Hospital Patient Care Tower, Kamloops, British Columbia;
  • West Park Healthcare Centre, Toronto;
  • Ottawa Heart Institute;
  • Metrolinx Kitchener Shirley Layover Facility;
  • True North Winnipeg;
  • Milton District Healthcare Expansion;
  • Joseph Brant Memorial Hospital, Burlington;
  • St. Michael’s Hospital Expansion, Toronto;
  • Providence Healthcare, Kingston;
  • TTC Sheppard West Station and Southern Tunnels. Toronto/Vaughan;
  • TTC Woodbine Expansion, Toronto;
  • Countless condo projects as per the City of Toronto By-law 514-2008;
  • and many others.
Recent Projects

Other wind turbine noise measurement projects we were involved with as the proponent or as the municipal peer reviewer, include:

  • Grand Valley Wind Farm;
  • Keechi Wind Farm, Jacksboro;
  • St. Columban Wind Project, Huron County;
  • Plateau Wind Farm,Melancthon;
  • Marsh Line Wind Farm, East Dover,
  • Talbot Wind Farm, Ridgetown;
  • Raliegh Wind Farm, Chatham-Kent;
  • Bear Mountain Wind Farm, Dawson Creek,
  • Dover Wind Farm, Chatham-Kent;
  • Minnesota Pleasant Valley Wind Farm; and many others

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