Expert Witness Testimony

Our Approach

Valcoustics’ engineers are often called to testify before the courts and other tribunals. As recognized experts in the field, we are trusted to present our own work or critique that of other consultants on matters relating to acoustics. In many cases we have come up with practical acoustic design solutions to create land use compatibility in areas where traditionally the uses would be incompatible.  Typically, these testimonies are provided to the governing bodies including the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal (formerly the OMB) and the Environmental Assessment Board, among others.

Valcoustics has substantial experience providing expert witness testimony on projects related to the land-use planning and approval process. We also regularly assist with negotiating settlements and wording agreements, to avoid costly hearings and reduce delays, in the land use approvals process.

When environmental noise comes under review, our team of acoustical experts can help with acoustic design services for your complicated project.

Recent Projects

Other wind turbine noise measurement projects we were involved with as the proponent or as the municipal peer reviewer, include:

  • Grand Valley Wind Farm;
  • Keechi Wind Farm, Jacksboro;
  • St. Columban Wind Project, Huron County;
  • Plateau Wind Farm,Melancthon;
  • Marsh Line Wind Farm, East Dover,
  • Talbot Wind Farm, Ridgetown;
  • Raliegh Wind Farm, Chatham-Kent;
  • Bear Mountain Wind Farm, Dawson Creek,
  • Dover Wind Farm, Chatham-Kent;
  • Minnesota Pleasant Valley Wind Farm; and many others

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