When Does Your Project Need an Acoustic Consultant?

There are two main scenarios in which you would need an acoustical engineering consultant onboard with your project. The first would be for prevention of problems in advance. By including input from an acoustic engineer in Toronto, you will be able to ensure that architectural design choices and building methods do not inadvertently create acoustical issues. There was a building project several years ago that called for a large curved wall section in a lobby. As it happened, this aesthetically pleasing design component was almost a perfect parabolic curve. Had it been built to plan specs, it would have caused a focused hot spot of acoustic reflections at one point in the lobby, resulting in a very unpleasant sounding environment.

Acoustical consultants can provide specific recommendations to your project designers and managers regarding the installation and acoustic isolation of building components, such as HVAC systems and plumbing. Upon evaluation of existing conditions, they can also minimize acoustical problems in repurposing existing structures. If the acoustical environment of your completed project is important to you, you should avail yourself of our expertise in your initial design phase.

The second situation where you would want an acoustical consultant on your project is when mitigation of unforeseen problems must be carried out. These could be the result of unplanned changes made to the original project design or caused by a changing environment in areas adjacent to your project. Perhaps noise generating equipment has been recently installed in an adjoining building, or a new tenant in your building has a business that causes unexpected noise issues. If the source of the new noise problem is unknown, your acoustical consultant will want you to keep a record of when the noise occurs, to help identify the source.

A recording studio was once extensively remodeled to very high standards, and at considerable cost. Only after the project was completed, it was discovered that a mysterious noise was being heard in the main control room. It was faint and very intermittent, but this facility needed absolute silence at all times. Their clients were paying for an acoustically pristine environment. After a great deal of detective work by an acoustic engineer, it was discovered that the noise was caused by passing skateboard wheels on the sidewalk in front of the building. The extensive remodel had accidentally acoustically coupled the building’s foundation to the cement sidewalk. City traffic was completely isolated, but the skateboards were not.

We are pleased to provide your project with our vast experience in acoustical engineering in Toronto. If your project is being carried out to high standards, we can help ensure that your acoustical environment matches the excellent level of your aesthetic design and functionality.